Welcome 👋 I'm Patrick Rivera

A few years ago, I was in college at a random state school in Florida and didn't know anything about Silicon Valley.

I spent most of college obsessing over blogs, podcasts, and YouTube videos on tech.

I thought this stuff was pretty cool so I stopped going to class to teach myself to code. After graduating, I bought a one-way ticket to the Mecca of Tech, good ‘ole San Francisco.

I ended up working as a software engineer at Instacart, one of the fastest growing tech startups in the world.

Now I lead Growth Engineering at Dharma, where we're aiming to be the world's leading cryptobank.

In my newsletter, Navigating Tech, we'll explore how the tech industry works. The people, companies, and ideas shaping our future. We'll also make fun of how weird the tech industry can be sometimes. Subpar stick figures will be included.

We're still in the early stages of tech's impact on the world. The Tech Revolution is just getting started.

Buckle up.